Orchard grass is a cool season perennial grass adapted to temperate climate areas. The branched orchard grass inflorescence is a compact or partly spreading panicle.

Seed heads are composed of spikelets that bear two to eight florets. Spikelets are attached to panicle branches by pedicels. Flowers are borne in one-sided clusters on stiff branches. Leaves vary in color from green to bluish-green.

The lower surface is not shiny and has a distinct keel (center ridge). Leaf margins and leaf sheaths usually are somewhat rough to the touch when mature. Orchard grass has good tolerance to heat and drought.

It is a highly productive grass suitable for hay or pasture on well-drained soils under irrigated or non irrigated conditions. Best used in situations where high quality management can be exercised. Orchard grass does not have any serious insect pest problems.