About Us

Our story starts with the horse lover in the family. A story how one horse can change your future. Sierra a dearly loved mare, was allergic to wood products, pellets were too dusty shavings created breathing issues. Our veterinarian suggested putting the horse back on straw. Well on vacation in Europe, the discovery was made to chopped and dust extract wheat straw and other forage. So it began, finding the right who would be reliable and responsible to produce consistent quality hay and straw.

We then chop and dust extracted the products to the final stage of sealing the bag to offer the soft, wonderful fresh smell as the day it was cut.Our Family has grown over the years and first and foremost our product must meet the high standard offered when we started for our own herd.This is a life long live affair with the horse, ensuring comfort and nutrition remains first.

Our products are shipped world wide. Our 7 generation of Canadian family with high standards remain the same. Quality with out compromise.