Vulnicura All-In-One


Some traditions shouldn’t change, But in this new age we need new bio security measures. BIOSECURITY AT ITS BEST

Vulnicura All-In-One Veterinary Solution is available in three sizes

4 oz Bottle

16 oz Bottle

1 Gallon Bottle


VulniCura is an All-in-one Veterinary product that helps to heal wounds AND to treat problems caused by the presence of bacteria and pathogens such as thrush and rain rot on horses or mange on dogs.

Based on a patented safe-acid technology it is not derived from Chlorine-based compounds and contains no toxic chemicals or steroids that may be harmful to humans and animals and VulniCura will not harm healthy tissue.

Our product Triggers the body’s own response, releasing oxygen to the wound site helping to generate chemotaxins to attract host defence cells, it activates clotting to prevent fluid loss,  while stimulating cell growth factors to reduce scaring and hair loss.

VulniCura starts the healing from the inside out by reducing the bacteria and pathogen count


Hot spots, skin lacerations, rashes, ulcers, burns.

Post-surgical sites, proud flesh.

For cleaning the umbilical & navel area after birth.

Disinfecting wounds. 5. Problems that caused by bacteria such as Thrush, Rain Rot and Mange.



VulniCura technology based on a patented safe-acid (low pH) formulation. Acid, specifically at low pH, is very effective at killing bacteria/pathogen by stripping the lipid membrane and destroys them chemically and physically. Clinical data showed that the compound kills 7 logs (99.99999%) of some bacteria in 90 sec. Low pH compound on the wound site is also known to accelerate wound healing. There are over 600,000 articles written over the past century on this effect. Lowering the pH at the wound site, in addition to killing the bacteria that works against the healing process, will: 1. Enhance the release of oxygen to the wound site. Oxygen accelerates the healing process; and 2. Stimulate the production of cell growth factors. Think of it as the knitting mechanism for tissues.



Unlike other acids at the same pH, VulniCura is safe:

  1. Non-toxic for skin and safe if ingested or inhaled. Additionally, all its ingredients are on the FDA Generally Classified As Safe (GRAS) List. As a result, it is safe to use around the mouth, nose, and eye areas with no additional precaution required. VulniCura does not harm surrounding healthy tissues. VulniCura contains no chlorine nor chlorine – based compounds that tend to irritate animals, no steroids, and no toxic chemicals.



  1. Keeps the wound site “clean” by: Inhibiting growth of infectious organisms, Significantly if not totally eliminating skin associated bacteria, and destroying/inactivating toxins and incapacitating agents in wound area.
  2. Triggers the body responses to help the healing process by: Enhancing the release of oxygen to the wound site aiding in the generation of chemotaxins to attract host defense cells. It also activates clotting to prevent fluid loss and stimulate cell growth factors.

In a pilot study at Louisiana Tech University and a blind survey, VulniCura were shown to significantly reduce scarring & hair loss and were preferred 4:1 over the current wound treatment. The pilot study led to a follow-up DARPA Wound Healing study conducted specifically on equine model with the same conclusion. The same technology will be submitted to the FDA for human-use approval.