We can't say enough about how great we think this product is. It is truly dust free, very absorbent and so very, very easy to manage. No more shaking, all you have to do is push it around with a manure pick. We spread the manure on our pastures in the spring and there are no more piles of manure, it spreads easily and allows the grass to grow. Our pastures have never been so lush as they are this year! Thank you for this great product! 

B bar J Stock Farm

First of, I would like to thank you for your great service.

You straw was suggest by our local farmer, who picks up our manure pile. He picks up from several horse farms in the area and spreads it on his and other fields that he manages and farms. We all used soft wood chips for bedding, he noticed the wood chips were not breaking down fast enough and asked me to try the fine cut straw.

We have gone through 30 bags and have just ordered 30 more along with the Swedish Mucking Fork, will up date later on the fork. We have 2 horses aged 23 and 16, we have an open barn concept, the horses come and go as they want to, the dust free was a big motivator and the horses come into the barn every night to sleep and the bedding is nice and soft.

We are all happy with this great product.

Thank you
Rod Howell
Erin Ontario

I use it for a horse with breathing problems so really like the low dust. It's easier to clean than shavings, the bags are lighter to handle, and the wheelbarrow much lighter and easier to dump.

Joanne Ison